The Biblical Tour of the Judean Plain

The Judean plain was witness to some of the most dramatic events in the history of  Israel, and you can see and be where it all happened.  

This is an “open book” tour – and that book is the Bible. 

Read passages from the Book of Samuel with stirring descriptions of King Saul and his battle against the Philistines – including David’s fight against Goliath, while walking the battlefield in the Ela valley. 

Visit the site where the young David sheltered with King Achish in the town where Goliath lived. The Book of Judges will be our guide while we follow in the footsteps of Samson and visit his grave.  Joshua, Chronicles, Jeremiah and Micah will tell us about the city of Lachish and the two dramatic sieges. Visit the second temple-era city of Beit Govrin and see where gladiators fought to the death. 

That said, not all of Judea is drama and conflict – this is wine country, so we won’t miss out on a few choice wineries along the way.

$650 - One day tour, up to 8 people. Price includes transporation, does not includee meals, entrance fees



Galilee and Golan Tour of Northern Israel

Northern Israel –  Feel the connection to ancient Israel. Visit settlements from the dawn of modern Zionism, Golan Heights battlefields, a kibbutz, or simply take in the color and variety of Israel’s rich ethnic patchwork, including Druze, Circassian and Arab villages.

And lets not forget the wine; the unique climate and rich soil of the Galilee and the Golan make it almost inevitable that the area is famous for an internationally acclaimed wine industry. Take advantage of the some of the regional attractions, such as swimming or kayaking in the Jordan, Israel’s longest cable car ride up Manara mountain for a spectacular view of Northern Israel, or perhaps just a lazy sun-filled afternoon on a Sea of Galilee beach with drink in hand. A glass of wine, anyone?

$1,300  Two day tour.  Up to 8 people.  Price includes guide services and transportation, does not include entrance fees, meals, guest and guide accomodation. 



Jerusalem the Golden

Jerusalem is golden, and it’s where it all started.  Abraham was there on Mount Moriah with Isaac over 3000 years ago, David fought the Jebusites, composed the psalms and founded a kingdom. Jesus preached, lived and died there, and the rulers of Islam have left their own indelible mark on the city. Probably the most dynamic, mysterious, holy and hotly contested piece of real estate in the world, Jerusalem is an experience unto itself.

The tour begins with a bird’s eye view of the city from a unique vantage point high on the Mount of Olives and continues with a visit to the City of David, followed by a tour of the Muslim and Christian quarters.  Lunch in the informal friendly atmosphere of the Jewish quarter, where you’ll see some of the city’s most famous synagogues, the “Burnt House” with it’s mute but powerful testimony to the terrible events at the time of the destruction of the second temple, the Western “wailing” wall and see the battle sites crucial to the desperate siege of Jerusalem during Israel’s war for independence and the six-day war. Walk the ramparts of the old city wall and experience some of the attractions and famous museums in West Jerusalem.

$450 per day.  One or two day tour, up to 8 people.  Price includes guide services and transportation, does not include entrance fees, meals, guest and guide accomodation for the two day tour. 


Christian Tours

From the early days of Christianity to the present time, Christians the world over have understood that a journey to the Holy Land is a journey to the very center of faith.  The holiness of the land is an undeniable reality which you will feel at a very emotional level. Walk with Jesus through the Land of Israel, for an unforgettable spiritual experience.

Stand where He stood for the sermon on the mount, the ministry in Galilee and Jerusalem.  See Paul’s dwelling at Capernaum, the ruins of Korazim as foretold in scripture, the place of the Gadarene swine miracle, the Jordan River where John baptized Jesus and much more.

You’ll see an ancient fishing vessel, recently found in the Sea of Galilee and painstakingly restored, which almost certainly plied the waves in the time of Jesus. Visit the holy sites of Nazareth and Bethlehem and of course, the crowning jewel - Jerusalem.

You’ll enter Jerusalem as Jesus did, up from Jericho to the Mount of Olives and visit the garden of Gethsemane. Enter the dungeon of the high priest Caiaphas and stand at the site of the crucifixion and resurrection.

$600 per day, one to four days, up to 8 people.  Price includes guide services and transportation, does not include entrance fees, meals or guest/guide accomodation on multi-day tours. 


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St George Monastery near Jericho