The A Bit More Tour

Like to try something different, a bit more challenging? Join me on a one or two day trek in the south of Israel or on one of the designated hiking paths – the Israel trail, the Golan trail or the Jesus trail. There is no better way to feel connected to the Land of Israel than to simply walk the paths, climb the hills or experience up close the formidable desolation and solitude of the desert. The two day trek includes a night camping out in the wild setting of the Judean desert, the Negev desert or the Golan Heights. The scenery is awesome.  You know you want to do this!

$450 per day.  Includes guide services and transportation.  Does not include entrance fees, meals and some camping equipment.  


The Biblical Heartland Tour of Israel

Take a day or two and travel the Path of the Fathers, the traditional biblical route along the central mountain ridge of Israel, from Samaria  to Judea.

The Path of the Fathers has been in use since the days of the Patriarchs nearly 4000 years ago. It’s the heart of Israel, and the heart of the bible. See where Abraham and Isaac walked and where Jacob envisioned the ladder to heaven. Visit ancient Shiloh where Joshua Son of Nun established the first tabernacle, home to the arc of the covenant for 369 years during the time of Judges. You will see where King David and King Solomon stood and visit sites of the epic battles of the Macabees as well as the struggle for the rebirth of Israel.

Bring your bible and a sense of awe; be inspired by religion, history and the natural beauty of these ancient realms, and come travel with us in Judea and Samaria. 
There is a one day tour in Samaria or Judea or two days in both regions with an overnight in Jerusalem.  The tour focuses on sites which feature in the Bible.

Tour highlights include: 
Day one - Mt. Cabir in northern Samaria, Shiloh, Beit-El, wine-tasting in a local winery, Jerusalem observation point overlooking the Temple Mount, the Western Wall Plaza, overnight in Jerusalem. 
Day two - Herodian (King Herod’s palace/fortress on the edge of the Judean desert), the Gush Etsion settlement block, including stories from the war of independence, the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron.

$650 per day.  Includes guide services and transportation.  Does not include entrance fees or meals or guest/guide accomodation on the two day tour. 


The Geo-Political Tour



Just say the word “Israel” and passions are aroused, reality and point of view intermix. To many, even those with iron-clad opinions, it seems at times that we don’t really have all the facts we’d like, that we are not really sure of the political, religious and historic background which have gone into shaping this incredibly volatile region. 


Make your trip to Israel a real journey of discovery; don’t settle for just the beauty and wonder of this country, the amazing archaeological sites, the biblical and spiritual connection, or for only the night life, recreation spots and wine. Get some hard answers. Gain a real understanding of the forces at work and of what’s happening in this corner of the Middle East. 


Find out what’s in a name: Israel or Palestine? Judea and Samaria or the West Bank, and where is the connection between them all? 

We’ll tour the outlying areas, see the frontiers and visit border communities. You’ll see the Golan, where the Syrian civil war rumbles just over the border, and is fueled by a sometimes bewildering array of combatants, from Al-Qaida to ISIS to government forces. Visit the upper Galilee with its ongoing Hezbollah standoff. Then meet residents of the Gaza border in the south, see firsthand how their lives are affected by recent events. You’ll get an understanding of the complexities which are Jerusalem, and see how, where and why the city was cut in two before the 6 Day War, as well as insights into reality of present day Jerusalem and possibilities for the future. 


Probably the most fascinating aspect of the tour is the people you’ll meet and speak to. I’ll share my knowledge and experience with you, but after meeting and connecting with Israelis from vastly different and varied walks of life, including city dwellers, kibbutz members, army officers, settlers, Arabs, Christians and Druze - after speaking to them and asking your own tough questions – you will have had a unique experience of Israel, and you will have your own answers. 

$650 per day.  Does not include entrance fees, meals or accommodation costs (guests and guide).  


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Cave of the Patriarchs.JPG

Burial place of the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the Matriarchs Sarah, Rivka and Leah.